Terry is an excellent Personal Trainer. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, patient and supportive, he gives you help and encouragement to move from one level of fitness to another. There's none of that pumping or bullying approach to exercise - it's fun and relaxing and you learn something new all the time. Exercise for me has become a hobby rather than a chore and I’ve got Terry to truly thank for that! I wholeheartedly recommend him.



Highly motivated trainer who supported me in losing almost a stone coming up to my wedding through his bootcamp classes and personal training. Sessions are fun, hard work and very rewarding, I would highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to tone, improve fitness and make new friends.



Looking for something different from the usual pavement pounding and gym sessions . Want to feel like you have really worked out well you can. I highly recommend Rebellion Fitness run by Terry Gilchrist personal trainer. His boot camp classes are motivational with real work outs which tone and lifts all your body. The classes are held both indoors and outdoors across locations in Leeds. Its hard work but fun as well . Summers on its way so what are you waiting for give it a go. Check out TG Rebellion Fitness page.



Manston Park fitness boot camp is great with Terry Gilchrist, you are made to feel very welcome and you are able to always work at your own level. I joined to add an extra fitness session to my weekly routine and there is a great bunch of people there. I feel alot fitter and feel I can push myself that bit more. Come and join us for some great fun and get fit at the same time.



At 38 years old Manston Park Fitness Bootcamp is my 1st ever experience of a group fitness class & I love it! I worried about making that 1st step to go thinking everyone would be so much fitter than me....but I need not have worried as it is a fantastic group of lovely friendly people with masses of encouragement! I would recommend it to anyone interested in getting fit and changing your life style...I have not only lost weight and inches I have so much more energy day to day!!


I started going to Terrys bootcamp sessions having been to some of the other classes he held at my local gym. I knew aswell as enjoying it and meeting new people, I would have a thoroughly enjoyable workout and at the end of each session I will have worked to my potential to help reach my fitness goals, Terry has always been there supporting me every step off the way and to give me a push when I have needed it the most. I recommend the bootcamp sessions to anyone that wants to get fit and reach there goals whilst in a relaxing, laidback environment. Terrys also always on end to give any tips and advice to help in anyway he can.

Nicola and Christina

We made a decision together to book some PT sessions with Terry after Christmas, having both had a break from exercise for a little while, and both of us feeling a bit bored with our previous routine of doing the same classes. We both had pretty much the same fitness goals and Terry was keen to give us a programme that would challenge us and help us to improve our tone and strength, rather than just being cardio-heavy.


Terry challenged us in more ways than just improving our physical fitness. He also wanted to change our attitudes as we both had previously avoided going into the typically male-dominated parts of the gym, because we felt a bit self-conscious there.

Training with Terry was challenging but fun. We laughed a lot – he has a down to earth and relaxed approach, unlike some trainers who can take themselves to seriously and be a bit pretentious.


From week to week, Terry introduced us to new pieces of kit and educated us about the benefits of a new approach. We were soon lifting increasingly heavier weights and kettlebells instead of spending an hour or so doing hectic cardio, which we both had previously thought was the answer to all our fitness goals!


Terry gave us workouts to continue between our weekly PT sessions and was really flexible around our hugely busy personal lives – giving us alternative exercises that we could do at home on occasions when we genuinely couldn’t make it to the gym. He also gave us nutritional advice when we asked.


It has now been a few weeks since we stopped our PT sessions but we have continued to meet at the gym and we’re progressing and building on the workouts Terry designed for us. We now hit the lads’ bit of the gym confidently both together, and on our own! Terry has helped to change our attitudes and we both feel comfortable working out with kit we would have previously never even approached! Lifting weights has helped us both to see noticeable differences in our shape, tone and strength.


Terry has a great attitude and a real passion for fitness. We are both really motivated and are back enjoying the gym again. Making the decision to book PT with Terry at the start of the year has made a real difference and we can’t recommend him enough.




Before starting Rebellion Bootcamp I was nervous . However, Terry put me at ease and I now look forward to each session. They provide challenges (and lots of laughs) but I can definitely see the results. Training with Terry even inspired me to complete my first 10k run, which I could never have imagined been able to do 12 months ago.



I love my fitness lessons with Terry Gilchrist. I sat for weeks thinking I needed to start training and running again I really wanted to get fitter but never seemed to feel motivated enough to start. I found out about Terry's classes and thought why not maybe this might motivate me I was slightly worried the first time. It did motivate me more in such a short time!! I now feel I can't get enough waiting for the next class. It's great no pressure to flog yourself you can work at a pace you feel happy with, it's great for all levels and everyone is friendly too. Why not come along give it ago see the fun we have whilst getting fitter what more can you want!! ANYONE CAN DO IT see you there!!