That is the question I am often asked as to why I take part in all the activities I do. Mm, not an easy question to answer and I usually reply"well its what I do" but of course that is not a satisfactory answer to the unitiated, so I will tell you why this 85 year old does what she does, I am trying to slow down the aging process and all the aches and pains, the wrinkles, the painful knees, back, you name it and we seniors have been there, also there is a little vanity here, I don't like being old, who does? I don't like looking old, but I have to accept that I am old.
I have been weight training for just over two years and I can bench press 30kg now (a little boast here and I can swagger up and down the gym with the big boys now)I work with free weights, the treadmill, I power walk because my knees limit my running, on a good day I can manage a 30 second sprint now and then. I do a lot of body toning exercises and stretching, stretching is very important as it keeps the joints mobile, I find yoga and pilates exercises beneficial. Last year our leisure centre gym manager Terry introduced a new type of resistance training called TRX. I thought I would try it,  Wow! what had I let myself in for? I thought I would never get through the session, but I stuck at and I am a veteran now. It is still very strenuous but I love it, it is quite a challenge.And you know? it has worked, I am toned, strong and supple. Pity it does not work on my face, I need a load of poly filler there, anybody out there got any ideas?  All mirrors are turned to the wall in our house till lunch time. Yuk! just a joke there folks. I go to the gym 5 days a week, Monday and Thursday its Zumba, now that is fun, wiggling and shaking your butt off is good for you. Tuesday is TRX ,Wednesday and Friday is weight training.Exercise is good for us oldies as long as we recognise our limitations and don't try to do too much to start with. Now what have I left out? Ah yes, we could not do all these activities without a well trained instuctor who is aware of the individual's limitations. Leeds have the best, I know, without them I would not have acheived the degree of fitness I have.
How many times have we seen younger people taking part in some activity and thought "I would love to be able to do that" Hey! have a go, you never know what you  can acheive and you could be could be flying, I know  that I am.  Ladies did you know when you get to 50 the butt drops faster than the chin, and that is no joke!!!  Why is it that men keep their pert butts no matter how old they are? It just is not fair. Girls keep on sqeezing and on squeezing!!!
So come on, go for it, we can beat Arnie any day.